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Love Your Football @ Lindfield

Whilst run independently, LSC has a longstanding relationship with Lindfield Football Club  and has become the home of LFC.  Whilst the courts and clubhouse can be hired by all members of our community LFC members will get preference.  LSC has become the place for team celebrations and post-match catch ups to dissect the game or training session.

LSC aims to employ young adults, either finishing high school or university who take pride and enjoyment in sport and the community.  Most of whom have risen through the ranks of LFC being players for many years.  For further information, feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact Page.

Our Club


Our all-weather sports facility was built on the site of the two unused bowling greens at the West Lindfield Sports and Recreation Club, now trading as Lindfield Sports Centre. The all-weather courts complement the existing bowling green at WLSRC and offers a wide variety of sporting options with a predominant use for 5 aside football. The facilities is available to the local community and could be utilised by many of the schools in the local area, a number of which have limited space for sports activities.

The Lindfield Sports Centre is in full accordance with current noise laws and makes adequate parking provision.


In June 2008 a business plan by WLSRC was completed and delivered to council

09.06.2009 DA 0331/09 lodged.

08.03.2010 Notice of Determination of Development Application with the granting of consent

12.05.2010 WLSRC receives Facility Assistance Grant (AU$250,000) from local government

25.10. 2012 WLSRC signs a 21-year license agreement with council for the use of the West Lindfield Sports and Rec Club land.

16.12.2013 Commencement of construction works at WLSRC

May/June 2014 Lindfield Sports Centre opens

Victor Vitorovic - manager of Lindfield Sports CentreA special thank you goes to:

Ilan Hurwitz for writing the business plan

Phil Killen for the financial model and mastermind behind financing the project

Dan Brindle for submitting the DA to council and getting it approved

Danny Hurwitz for providing football knowledge and business acumen

Victor Vitorovic for keeping the WLSRC alive over the years and overseeing the construction works

Tim Tait for project managing the construction works

Eddie McGrory for liaising with banks and other community groups including fundraising

Chris Saxon for legal advice

Clive Solari for design support

Lindfield Football Club, especially Glen War and Gilbert Merlo, for backing the project.

Our Private Donors

We would like to offer our deepest gratitude to the following people who have made significant contributions to our Lindfield Sports Centre project.
Without their generosity the construction of this facility would not have been possible:

the Walker family
Kieran Kennedy
Ilan Hurwitz
the Renshaw family
the Cheesman family
Tim Tait

the Cocaro family
the Leighton family
the Jerogin family
the Haberlin family
the McGrory family
Angus and Murray Botham

the Bradwell family
the Rye family
the Donaldson family
the Solari family
the Jackson/Meagher family

and many more anonymous donors.


The following information is relative to the Player Insurance for all our of Competition Participants. The insurance levy is embedded in your team registration fees.