Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

The real life, pre 1975, was a world that had not heard the yearning in those simple, juxtaposed phrases. A world that had not experienced the melancholy in Freddie’s opening piano refrain (echoed in his rueful pleading to mama), or Brian May’s unforgettable solo. And this is all before the Galileo middle section, and those head banging inducing guitar riffs that followed. Wayne’s World without that bit? Denied! Is this the real life? Surely a world like this could only be fantasy.

Like Seargent Peppers, Smells Like Teen Spirit, or Elvis‘s gyrating hips, one simply cannot imagine popular music without Bohemian Rhapsody, or Queen themselves for that matter.

Radio Ga Ga – Celebrating the Music of Queen are making their way to Lindfield Sports Centre.

Featuring some of Sydney’s finest musicians, and including hits from Queen’s 1973 debut through to the later stadium years of the 80’s, Radio Ga Ga will transport you back to a time when rock music ruled, the guitars were loud, the songs were epic, and the shows were unforgettable.